• United Oil SAE /API Engine Lubricants for Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Agriculture, Marine & Mining
  • United Oil Transmission Oils for Marine, Transport, Mining, Hwy, Farm
  • ATF Oils for Hwy, Buses, Trucks, Haul-packs, Any other Vehical
  • Power Steering Oils
  • Brake Fluids
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Enviromentaly safe Hydraulic Fluids
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  • Premium Lithium EP2 Grease. (An Extreame Pressure Anti-Wear GP Grease with excellent service qualities)
  • Lithitac TF2 Red Grease. (A Hight Melting Point Very Tacky Heavy Duty Automotive, Industrial & Agricultural Grease)
  • Lithitac Gold (An anti wear extreame pressure heavy equipment grease)
  • Lithiplex Blue Tac 2 (Premium high melting point extreame pressure lithium based grease to meet the most hostile conditions)
  • Lithiplex Purple (An extra heavy duty state of the art lithium complex extreame pressure grease for industrial & off Highway uses)
  • Locseal tap Grease (Spindle thread grease for G/P tap threads)
  • Lithiplex Moly Tac EP2 (Moly & Graphite clay thickened grease with semi-synthetic base oil & EP additive for high performance)
  • Hi Melt Moly Heavy Duty Grease (Designed for heavy earthmoving equipment, mining & industrial applications)


  • Lithiplex DRG3 Drilling Grease (Water resistant advanced extreame pressure grease without Lead, Chlorine or Nitrares)
  • Molyplex DRG2 Drilling Grease (Extream duty Thread Grease for the most hostile rock drill applications)
  • Hi-Melt NLGI2 Drill Grease (A specific formulation containing Molybdenum Disulphide & Graphite to reduce wearin high temp)
  • Hi Grade Copper Anti-Seize (A lead free specialized copper & graphite concentrated friction reducing lubricant)
  • SlipRite Cable Pulling Lube (A highly efficient 100% Biodegradable cable pulling lubricant)


  • Dyna Fuel, Fuel Additive (Moisture dispersant, GLADISPORUM resoni {Diesel Bug} killer,for all liquid fuels to enhance combustion, a must in the MARINE INDUSTRY to remove the grey-green slime in your FUEL FILTERS/TANKS)
  • ADD BLUE, (For latest generation diesel engines to meet Euro IV & V emission standards
  • Petrol Injector Cleaner (Cleans & Protects Injectors improving combustion)
  • Fuel Booster treatment (Improves power by increasing the octain number, helps remove pinging, knock & hesitation)
  • Diesel System Cleaner (Helps reduce carbon deposits, cleans the fuel system under normal driving conditions)
  • Internal Engine Flush (Helps remove contaminants to improve oil flow throughout the oil system)
  • Engine StopLeak (Helps reduce oil seapage & leaks By conditioning gaskets & seals to prolong their life)
  • Oil Fortifier(A synthetic additive to help maintain oil preassure by use of viscosity builders)
  • Oil Conditioner (Reduces wear & metal to metal friction in engines by specific surface modifying lubricants)
  • Lifter Free (Removes sticky gum buildup from lifters & PCV valves, helps to quieten noisey top ends)
  • Carbon Flush (A mix of solvents,sludge removers & surface active agents for top end engine decabonising using specialized equipment)