Indus&Comm Cleaners

ALLSTATE OIL & FILTER SUPPLIES Pty Ltd have a long list of commercial & domestic cleaners that are in every day use.

We keep in close contact with our industrial chemists to ensure the products are up to standard & do the job at hand.



PHOS CLEAN ( Phosphate based rust treatment used on rusted ferrous metals prior to painting)

QUICK CLEAN (Inhibited Hydrochloric acid based cleaners for concrete, hardness scale & red dust removal

ACID CLEAN (Acidic Detergent for concrete & scale removal)

ALUM-SAFE ( Safe Aluminium cleaners, Does not contain Hydrfluric Acid or Ammonium Bifluride)


C02 CONTACT CLEANER (Fast drying non residual Co2 Contact Cleaner. Contains no carcinogens or dangerous chemicals)

ELECTRA CLEAN (NON Flammable- NO Carbon Tetra chloride- NO Flash point Electric Motor/equipment cleaner)

NON FLAMMABLE CONTACT CLEANER(A stable, inert cleaning solvent for cleaning all electrical equipment/contacts)


ANTI CORROSION RIG & TRUCK WASH (Anti Corrosion vehicle wash with corrosion inhibitor, effective & paint safe, designed for vehicles in corrosive environments, such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine & Transport)

SUPER BLUE (Specially formulated G/P detergent for Heavy duty cleaning, yet safe on paint. Formulated for the Mining, Oil & Gas, Marine & Transport industries)

FLEET CLEAN (Bio Degradable H/D Truck Wash that’s streak free & suitable for High Pressure Cleaning)

TX20 WASH ‘N’WAX ( General Purpose low foam vehical cleaner combined with a blend of wax finishes)

TURBO RED(POWERFUL alkaline heavy duty non flammable water based cleaning solutions for the toughest degreasing applications, another bio-degradable product)

GLASS & CHROME CLEANER (An alcohol based non smear glass & chrome cleaner suitable for all shiny surfaces)

TYRE SHINE(A premium quality Tyre shine (Tyre black) silicon based to enhance & protect rubber)

TYRE SHEEN (A WATER based Tyre shine for the non-silicon industry)

VINYL REVIVER (A silicon based rejuvenation emulsion for all vinyl & plastic surfaces)

DE-ODOURISERS ( California Sents, Magic Trees)


TURBO RED (Powerful water based degreaser, non flammable H/D effective grease & oil remover that remains biodegradable)

GRIME BLASTER(Alkaline & water based Quick Break degreaser for ultra heavy duty applications being a non flammable non toxic solution)

SANICLEAN PLUS (Industrial strength sanitiser/degreaser for use in food areas. Kills germs as it disinfects, suitable in food prep/handling areas)

MULTI CLEAN QB (Multi purpose detergents with Quick Break capabilities that come close to the solvent degreaser’s without the petroleum base solvents non caustic & non toxic)

SOLVCLEAN QB (A petroleum based quick break degreaser formulated for the rapid removal of oil & grease)

SOLVENT DEGREASER (Ideal for general Work Shop mechanical degreasing of engines & earth moving equipment)

BIG BLUE DEGREASER (An aromatic hydrocarbon based solvent degreaser with surfactants to aid in the removal of a wide range of soilage)

AUTOSOLV BRAKE/PARTS CLEANER (A versatile solvent,ideal for the cleaning of automatic transmissions, evaporates rapidly with no residue)

PARTS WASH (A paraffin, napthenic hydrocarbon solvent developed for use in parts wash machines. A slow drying low evaporating degreaser)

ELECTROSOLV (Highly refined mix of naphtha light aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents for the cleaning of electrical motors & winding’s)




ACETONE (Powerful cleanup solvent for metal, glass & enamel. Will remove glue, varnish, resin, lacquer)

CITRA POWER (Citrus based powerful Multi purpose bio-degradable solvent degreaser using d-limomine extracted from the peels of citrus fruits)

XYLENE (Highly refined for use in the painting industry)