• ANTI- CORROSION RIG & TRUCK WASH ( A blend of  biodegradable  Anti-Corrosion additives and surfactants to protect & enhance your vehicle)
  • SUPER BLUE (A strong composition of biodegradable surfactants & wetting agents for use on heavy transport, curtains, machinery, w/shop floors)
  • FLEETCLEAN (An Environmentally safe biodegradable Multi-purpose detergent used in manual or automatic cleaning of equipment)
  • TURBO RED ( A powerful biodegradable degreaser designed to effectively remove heavy grease, oil & dirt. Do not use on aluminium or galvinising)
  • GRIME BLASTER ( A water soluble alkaline based detergent for the use of degreasing or bilge cleaner in boats)
  • GOLD ( A strong Multi-purpose biodegradable detergent suitable for manual or automatic cleaning of grease, oil & grime)
  • TREBLE-CLEAN (Water based powerful biodegradable heavy duty liquid degreaser. Effective on heavy grease, oil & dirt deposits)
  • RIG WASH (Used as an effective cleaner on all plant & equipment. Ideal for use in the Marine environment on board ships or oil rigs, biodegradable, environment friendly)
  • MULTI-CLEAN Q/B (A powerful environmentally friendly biodegradable super strength Quick Brake detergent degreaser with solvent like performance)
  • BILGE CLEANER (A NON flammable concentration of environmentally friendly biodegradable surfactants & emulsifiers to combat grease, oil & bulk head grime)
  • SLIPRITE (100% Biodegradable cable pulling lubricant)